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Best kayak fish finders

Using a kayak is probably the best way to enjoy nature and have that outdoor experience. It is when using a kayak that you have more chance sneaking in on unsuspecting fish than when using g a traditional boat.  A fish finder that is made to be used together with a kayak is also an important tool if you wish to embark on a fish finding trip.  When choosing the best kayak fish finder to ensure that it is portable, it can see a wider range in depth and it is waterproof. The best of the kayak fish finders being:

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Ray Marine Dragon Fly

This is designed for waterproof standards with the ability to show the image on your tablet or your phone. It has a single power transducer connector together with tilt features that makes it easy to install and to remove.  The ray marine has dual channel chirp designed to target fish as the other is designed to develop a perfect look at the floor of the body.  For easy control, it has a joystick cursor, a rotary dial and button controls.  There are additional features of GPS and micro SD card to save your favorite spots for later reference.

Hummingbird 368Ci Model

This kayak fish finder has the highest resolution giving a clearer image of the existing world underneath the water surface. It has a quick disconnecting feature and an incredibly lightweight that makes it easy to disconnect.  In whichever water mass you are in, this kayak fish finder is able to show you directions and location in nautical miles.  This fish finder can go as deep as 1500 feet using only 500 watts of power.  It is a bit expensive probably owing to that it is highly effective.

Hummingbird 561 DI Model

With the great watt power of around 2400 and depth of 600 feet, the hummingbird again qualifies to be among the best kayak fish finders.  Its major advantage is that it is small compact and works perfectly when working with a kayak.  This kayak fish finder has a unique feature that will show you your location and where you are headed. There are more features that help you save your favorite spot for future reference.

Lowrance 4x HDI

This fish finder is relatively small and compact as compared to the amount of technology that it has. It is powered by 300 watts of power and a dual frequency transducer that sees 120 degrees beneath the water up to a distance of 800 feet.  It has scroll back feature that ensures you do not miss out on anything.

For kayak fish finding, you need excellently performing tools and the best kayak fish finders will help you through. Using the best kayak fish finders saves time and energy and some may even save your favorite spot for future reference.

The best inflatable kayaks

The today’s inflatable kayaks have traced their origin from way back when they were just pool toys. The current inflatable kayaks are now made with material that can withstand rocks and large volumes of water.   Inflatable kayaks are designed to use limited space because you can deflate it and fit it in a bag pack making them portable. Inflatable kayaks are built differently to last you years of adventure while some may not last that long.

 The advance frame kayak AE1012-R

These kayaks are not fully inflatable. Instead, they combine a folding frame and inflatable models to improve performance and portability.  This model of inflatable kayaks provides a solution to people with limited storage space and limited budget.  Despite its relatively cheap price, this model steers handle and perform better than other kayaks. Inflating it is pretty easy and quick and easy to deflate it back to storage.  According to users, this model is stable and has impressive speed without tipping over. Many of the users were pretty impressed by the durability too especially at the bottom of the boat.  The advance frame AE1012-R can withstand bumping against rocks and volumes of water without ripping or puncturing.

Aire Lynx 2 that is luxurious and long lasting

This model of kayaks is more expensive but worth the investment.  This kayak is longer and can accommodate up to two people.  Aire Lynx 2 is faster when compared to other kayaks and are easier to maneuver.  The durability was praised by many users saying that they have used the kayak for a long while without any damage coming to the hull.  The Aire lynx can fit into a bag pack when it is deflated making it be portable. The curve shape of the hull improves the speed of this kayak and makes skimming easy. This is the best inflatable kayak because it is fast and it is less strenuous to paddle.

Sea Eagle 370 designed for two

This kayak has consistently earned more reviews daily making it very popular. This kayak can handle a maximum weight of 650 pounds even though it weighs only 32 pounds. The setup time is relatively short and its weight is light despite its material. It is made of durable material that is puncture free and can withstand the toughest water rapids. This is the best kayak for camping because it has ample storage space. The seams of the material are welded together carefully to prevent any leakage.

The best inflatable kayaks are the ones that can give durability, particularly along the bottom.  The price should also be affordable, and inflating it should be easy and fast.  The above inflatable kayaks meet the necessities making them the best inflatable kayaks in the market.

How to buy a kayak

Some of us are interested in how to buy a kayak but they do not know which one to get due to the variety.  When deciding to buy a kayak, there are a number of things to keep in mind. If you can cross check before making any buying decision, then you would easily obtain the best kayak.

What is the purpose of your kayak

Kayaks are designed for different reasons. There are kayaks for fishing, recreational, drifting rivers and lakes and many other numerous reasons.  Some kayaks are also designed for fun.  There are a variety of kayaks but identifying the wants and needs will narrow down your option

Sit in or sit on top kayaks

Sit in kayaks are designed with an interior seat and are considered more traditional. They give more protection from natural conditions like wind and water. Sit in kayaks offer more space for storage and sitting space too.

Sit on top kayaks are friendlier to the users and are better for recreational activities or for fishing. They are the best for beginners and are better for warm environments because they do not cover the user from the water. Often, users are splashed on and get wet and this would not be nice for a cooler environment.

Length of the kayak

Long and narrow kayaks are faster and move in a straighter direction. Wide and shorter kayaks are more stable, easy to turn but they are slower. Recreational kayaks are long and are made for calm water like lakes and some rivers. Recreational kayaks are long with the intention of moving through narrow inlets efficiently. Touring kayaks are relatively longer than recreational kayaks.  Touring kayaks are built to handle large waves and bigger water masses.

Type of the hull

Hulls make a difference in performance and stability.  Stability is in two forms; primary and secondary. Primary stability is the stability when you are going into the kayak, and the secondary is the stability when you are paddling through.  There are different types of hulls:

  • Flat hull gives great primary stability and is ideal for recreational activities in flat water bodies
  • Rounded hull is designed to increase speed and travel easier as compared to the flat hull. Rounded hull offers more secondary stability.
  • V-shaped hull is designed to better cut through the water and helps a kayak to go in a straight line. They offer better secondary stability making them suitable for recreational activities, touring and long distance.


The capacity of every kayak varies according to a paddler’s body weight and other items on board like a cooler etc.

Buying a kayak is pretty big and you need to feel confident about your choice.  When you can identify how you will be using the kayak, how often you will be using it and identifying the above factors, then buying a kayak is made simpler for you.

How to find the best dive computers before buying

A dive computer is a battery-powered device that enclosed in relatively light watertight material. These devices are able to keep track of the divers profile through two measurements: pressure and time. All dive computers contain built-in devices to measure the relative partial pressure of the various gases in the human tissues. Advanced dive computers include built-in calculators to determine the temperature of the water or the pressure of the diver’s cylinder. Through the calculation best dive computers let the divers know which ascent rate is safe for them including the decompression stops.

But the question is how do you know which are the best dive computers out of hundreds of various collections. Well, there are many divers who look at the brands of their computer. Others look at the design of the smartwatches and there are many people who love to wear the classy computer only. But quality is the basic concern for everyone as they need to have the best dive computers to get information quickly.

Here are some tips that you need to follow when searching for the best dive computer:

  • Make sure that your new dive computers come with the warning buzzers. If you are looking for best dive computers let me assure you that the buzzers of new computers are not at all annoying but they are extremely necessary. These computers can let you know if you are doing something that may lead to any dangerous situation underwater.
  • The best dive computers will come with the ability to read the information of several cylinders. Make sure that your preferable computer has the ability to give the result with accuracy. You don’t need to worry about how much gas you have left in the cylinders or how much time you have left underwater before running out.
  • Finally, it is important to find a good deal. It is easy to find online as there are many new versions are available in marker. You can wait for a special discount on such e-commerce sites for some special sale.

It is so great that more and more scuba drivers are realizing the importance of having a dive computer. Dive computers are the most essential scuba equipment technology of this modern age and they will continue to be for many years to come. Whether you are a recreational diver or a professional diver, a dive computer is an essential piece of equipment we highly recommend investing in.

Best dive trips in Thailand

Even a most biased enthusiast of Gulf of Thailand may admit that the best places to dive in Thailand are at the west coast of the country, in the Andaman Sea for pure diving reasons. There can be some extremely awesome experiences when you are diving from Koh Tao or even Koh Chang. But due to the depths of the water, clarity and marine life, diving in the Similan Island or other diving areas of Andaman Sea diving areas is consistently better.

Places in Thailaind to scuba dive

  • On the west of Thailand, there are two major areas where the liveaboard diving boats sail around, even the full of enthusiastic divers will love to see something special. If you are looking for best dive trips in Thailand west and north-west of the Khao Lak and south of the Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. West part of Khao Lak’s Tab Lamu is a renowned Similan island archipelago. Eight major islands and number of islets are home to over twenty beautiful dive sites, with beautiful slopping coral reefs or the granite rock formations.
  • To the northeast or the Similan Island and northwest of Tab Lamu, there is Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon that was known as the best diving spots of Thailand. These places are best for the divers who love to dive in the clear water and want to see the beautiful sea life with large pelagic fish species.
  • The third best area to enjoy the best dive trips in Thailand is the southeast of Phuket and the south of Koh Lanta. Hin Daeng and Koh Haa make a good alternative to the liveaboard diving in the Similan Island and the northern sites of the place.
  • Similan Islands are uninhabited. There are few park rangers who stay at the place to protect the national park. One or two islands are owned privately by the royal family of Thailand and there are few bungalows and tents for the tourists who want to enjoy scuba diving there.
  • One of the best things to enjoy diving in Thailand is that even new divers are welcome here to join in on the fun. Most of the instructors are PADI certified and can speak English very well. Those who are quite new to the exciting world of diving in Thailand will get a training session also before getting wet. Most of the companies also show videos to the divers that what they will find in the watery underworld before getting set up for diving.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

To achieve flexibility via movement, individuals indulge in the practice of Yoga. Yoga involves the meditative approach to developing your mental and spiritual beliefs. It is mainly focused on creating a balance in addition to a sense of inner stability and peace. Taking excursions in water has similar benefits to yoga. It is therefore essential to choose the best stand up paddle board for Yoga. There have been tremendous advanced in the making of paddle boards over the years. Today the created boards are thick to ensure that the handler does not get wet when navigating the sea, ocean or lake. The balance is the most important aspect to consider when selecting a paddle board for yoga.

ISLE Airtech 10’4 Inflatable yoga paddle board

The company responsible for the making of this board has a reputation for making the most perfect boards available in the market. They have many years of experience which have made them gain the impeccable reputation. Their boards are made using the most excellent materials in the market and the processes used in the manufacturing are the most refined. The materials and processes have resulted to the standup paddle boards they manufacture being outstanding.

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The board characteristics

The boards are created by the use of military-grade PVC which makes the boards long lasting and durable. The board has the capacity to inflate up to 6 inches which allows the user of the board to move on water with stability and matching your navigation rhythm without coming into contact with water. The width of the board is ideal to allow one to perform Yoga poses without getting wet. The bungee system located at the front acts as a luggage storage unit where things such as yoga mats can be put for individuals who want to attain inner peace through yoga in secluded beaches. The board is accompanied by all the necessary things that you will require when in water such as repair kit, back pack, three piece paddle and a pump.

Distinctive features

This is board is lightweight which makes it unique is not common in many boards. The board comes with a thirty days satisfaction guarantee. Its width is quite substantial which makes it extremely stable. The bungee system provides ample storage space for all your personal belongings that you will require. The board’s length is about 10.4 inches with a width of 31 inches and a thickness of six inches.

What to consider when fishing from a kayak

Kayaking is a fun sport. It has become widespread around the world with more people learning about it daily. I bet you are one of them. Today let us look at fishing from a kayak. Have you ever heard of fishing without using a spacious boat but a simple structure which you fear could collapse with you inside? Well, one thing you should realize about kayaking is that it includes wearing a life saver. No fear of sinking. Here are some tips to consider when fishing from a kayak.

Become the one-handed multitasker

What I mean by this is to learn how to use your hands to do different tasks at once. The first thing you should learn is how to use one hand to cast your lines. Of course, when you go kayaking, you don’t involve nets but a hook and line. Learn to use only one hand to cast the hook and handle a resistant catch. The second case is learning how to use one hand to paddle. Stop wondering. Using one hand will not be easy but once you get the hang of it you will be fine. With one hand, you can struggle with the fish while you steer yourself around to avoid capsizing.

Become accustomed to resistant baits

A kayak is a small structure and paddling it is not hard. When fishing, you will struggle a bit with one hand. Why then not utilize your hardcore baits which keep trying to escape. Weird as it may sound, a bait can steer your kayak relieving you the task of paddling. Apart from this, the bait movement will attract fish making your fishing trip easy. Learn how to utilize the opportunity.

Let your feet help you

Although we are talking about feet, it’s not everywhere they will apply. Your feet will act as support systems when you are fishing especially in shallow areas. You just need to stick your foot out and use it to steer and anchor your kayak until you finish fishing or one leg gets tired.

Practice safe kayaking

When you decide to fish from a kayak, safety should be your first consideration. This should not apply to fish kayaking only, but also general kayaking. Always wear a life jacket (in case of the kayak collapses) and carry first aid kits to help in case of accidents. A pair of sunglasses is also important in case the weather is sunny.

How to kayak

Kayaking is a popular water sport that many people enjoy. It is relatively simple for people to enjoy whenever you have the skills right.  Before deciding to kayak especially for the first time it is essential to note a few basics.
Here is a video with some tips for beginners.

Get trained to kayak

Without proper coaching, you may find yourself paddling in circles for hours without making any movement.  A lesson in kayaking will get you to save time and prevent you from capsizing. Kayaking lessons for beginners are affordable therefore price is not an excuse to not attend one.

Dress code while kayaking

The weather might be sunny but the water may be colder so dress in accordance with the water and not the weather. Falling into the water is not totally unlikely, and it is good to be prepared. Wearing a wetsuit, kayaking gloves and a caguole that is waterproof will offer more protection.  Always carry a change of clothes when going kayaking.  You may not think that you are going to get wet, but carrying a change of clothes will save you the worry.

Choose the right kayak

There are different kayaks designed to meet different purposes. Always choose a boat according to the activity you will undertake.  For beginners, sit- on- top kayaks are better because they are stable, and easy to paddle.

Ensure you wear a kayaking aid

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, always use a kayaking aid while kayaking. Kayaking aid is like life jackets, but they are designed to allow more movements around the neck and the arms. Owning your own kayaking aid is better because you will not rely on renting every time you want to kayak.

How to sit properly in a kayak

Sitting properly in a kayak will make it easier when you start paddling. It is best to sit up while kayaking and rest your feet on the foot pegs on either side of your kayak. The toes should be pointed outwards with your heels towards the center. Knees should be bent upwards and outwards to get into contact with the thigh braces.

Learn the easy ways to rescue yourself and others

Kayaking on calm and flat water may not capsize you, but it is good to be ready.  Always stay with the boat when you capsize. Your instructor may teach you the basics, and how to get back to your boat again whenever you capsize. Keep the others safety first in case of panic situations because you can always repair the damage that comes to the boat.  Avoid kayaking alone no matter how experienced you are.

By adhering to the basics of how to kayak, then you can enjoy the sport like others do. Ignorance or failure to following the basic rules might harm you or cost you your life. Be safe!

How to buy a stand up paddle board

Purchasing a stand up paddle board is a tough task that might be tough for many individuals. It is therefore important to learn how to buy a stand up paddle board since they cost a hefty amount of money. Stand up boards can be a fun way of being in water for sport or leisure purposes. It is easy to use the boards and almost everyone can learn how to do it. The only huge challenge is identifying the most ideal paddle board that fits your specific needs, purpose and preferences. One of the most important factor to consider when selecting the board is the lifestyle an individual is leading. The intended purpose for purchasing the board in addition to your set budget will also determine the stand-up paddle board you will buy.

The different types of paddle boards

Differentiating between the various types of stand up paddle boards available is the first step in purchasing a paddle board. Each board varies from the rest in terms of cost, functionality and intended purpose. There are some paddles that are versatile enough to be used for various purposes when some are only ideal for a single purpose.

All around SUPS

This type of board is perfect for individuals who are learning how to paddle for the first time. They are multi-purpose and can be used in the diverse weather conditions. The design used in creating this type of boards is the most commonly used shape in many boards. The board is not nor family friendly but also dog friendly.


This type of board is best suited for individuals who have little or a lot of experience in paddling. The board is ideal for those paddler who want to explore more and make the best out of their paddling experience. The board has very little stability so it is very easy for the user to fall off. With this board it is very easy and fast to manoeuvre in water while surfing. It is more of an oversized surfboard that has a paddle so it is easy for it to get shredded.

Touring SUPS

This type of board of is ideal for serious paddlers who have the zeal to indulge in high intensity work outs. They are ideal to use in flat waters especially when going for a long distance. They have been designed in a way that makes them achieve maximum glide and efficiency. They have a substantial width which makes them ideal for beginners too.

What to look for in the Best scuba masks

The first diving gear you will purchase in order to scuba diving is the scuba mask. The best scuba mask is meant to give you a wide area of vision while under water. It should also be water resistant and feel comfortable when worn. The most interesting part about being underwater is having a clear vision. Scuba diving masks are available in various price ranges with some cheap and other quite expensive. The most essential things to consider when purchasing the best scuba masks are the purpose of buying the mask and the feature available in the scuba mask. There is a huge difference between snorkel masks and scuba diving masks so do not purchase the cheaper one in place of the other one.

How to find the best scuba diving masks


The best scuba diving masks are usually made using rubber and silicone. Rubber is cheaply available though on the downside it’s not that durable. Due to this reason silicone is the most commonly used material in the making of the best scuba diving masks. Silicone material is not only soft but also flexible while at the same time it is durable. The scuba diving masks give your face a perfect seal. It is essential to have tempered glass placed on your scuba diving mask to enable it to cope with the pressure associated with diving while ascending into water.

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When purchasing a scuba diving mask the fit is the most important aspect that one needs to consider. Purchasing the most superior quality or expensive scuba diving mask is useless if it does fit perfectly on your face. This is because once you dive water will slip in causing leakage and leakage which eventually results to a lot of discomfort. To test for fit of a scuba diving mask you place it on your face directly without placing the straps in place then try breathing through the nose. If the mask suction stays in place after breathing in then that is a sign that it has a perfect fit.


Majority of the scuba diving masks are designed with one or two windows. Those masks with one window consist of a single tempered glass while those with two windows consist of two window panes designed in reverse teardrop shape. Depending on the vision one wants to have while underwater it is essential to select an ideal window option.