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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

To achieve flexibility via movement, individuals indulge in the practice of Yoga. Yoga involves the meditative approach to developing your mental and spiritual beliefs. It is mainly focused on creating a balance in addition to a sense of inner stability and peace. Taking excursions in water has similar benefits to yoga. It is therefore essential to choose the best stand up paddle board for Yoga. There have been tremendous advanced in the making of paddle boards over the years. Today the created boards are thick to ensure that the handler does not get wet when navigating the sea, ocean or lake. The balance is the most important aspect to consider when selecting a paddle board for yoga.

ISLE Airtech 10’4 Inflatable yoga paddle board

The company responsible for the making of this board has a reputation for making the most perfect boards available in the market. They have many years of experience which have made them gain the impeccable reputation. Their boards are made using the most excellent materials in the market and the processes used in the manufacturing are the most refined. The materials and processes have resulted to the standup paddle boards they manufacture being outstanding.

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The board characteristics

The boards are created by the use of military-grade PVC which makes the boards long lasting and durable. The board has the capacity to inflate up to 6 inches which allows the user of the board to move on water with stability and matching your navigation rhythm without coming into contact with water. The width of the board is ideal to allow one to perform Yoga poses without getting wet. The bungee system located at the front acts as a luggage storage unit where things such as yoga mats can be put for individuals who want to attain inner peace through yoga in secluded beaches. The board is accompanied by all the necessary things that you will require when in water such as repair kit, back pack, three piece paddle and a pump.

Distinctive features

This is board is lightweight which makes it unique is not common in many boards. The board comes with a thirty days satisfaction guarantee. Its width is quite substantial which makes it extremely stable. The bungee system provides ample storage space for all your personal belongings that you will require. The board’s length is about 10.4 inches with a width of 31 inches and a thickness of six inches.

How to buy a stand up paddle board

Purchasing a stand up paddle board is a tough task that might be tough for many individuals. It is therefore important to learn how to buy a stand up paddle board since they cost a hefty amount of money. Stand up boards can be a fun way of being in water for sport or leisure purposes. It is easy to use the boards and almost everyone can learn how to do it. The only huge challenge is identifying the most ideal paddle board that fits your specific needs, purpose and preferences. One of the most important factor to consider when selecting the board is the lifestyle an individual is leading. The intended purpose for purchasing the board in addition to your set budget will also determine the stand-up paddle board you will buy.

The different types of paddle boards

Differentiating between the various types of stand up paddle boards available is the first step in purchasing a paddle board. Each board varies from the rest in terms of cost, functionality and intended purpose. There are some paddles that are versatile enough to be used for various purposes when some are only ideal for a single purpose.

All around SUPS

This type of board is perfect for individuals who are learning how to paddle for the first time. They are multi-purpose and can be used in the diverse weather conditions. The design used in creating this type of boards is the most commonly used shape in many boards. The board is not nor family friendly but also dog friendly.


This type of board is best suited for individuals who have little or a lot of experience in paddling. The board is ideal for those paddler who want to explore more and make the best out of their paddling experience. The board has very little stability so it is very easy for the user to fall off. With this board it is very easy and fast to manoeuvre in water while surfing. It is more of an oversized surfboard that has a paddle so it is easy for it to get shredded.

Touring SUPS

This type of board of is ideal for serious paddlers who have the zeal to indulge in high intensity work outs. They are ideal to use in flat waters especially when going for a long distance. They have been designed in a way that makes them achieve maximum glide and efficiency. They have a substantial width which makes them ideal for beginners too.