How to buy a kayak

Some of us are interested in how to buy a kayak but they do not know which one to get due to the variety.  When deciding to buy a kayak, there are a number of things to keep in mind. If you can cross check before making any buying decision, then you would easily obtain the best kayak.

What is the purpose of your kayak

Kayaks are designed for different reasons. There are kayaks for fishing, recreational, drifting rivers and lakes and many other numerous reasons.  Some kayaks are also designed for fun.  There are a variety of kayaks but identifying the wants and needs will narrow down your option

Sit in or sit on top kayaks

Sit in kayaks are designed with an interior seat and are considered more traditional. They give more protection from natural conditions like wind and water. Sit in kayaks offer more space for storage and sitting space too.

Sit on top kayaks are friendlier to the users and are better for recreational activities or for fishing. They are the best for beginners and are better for warm environments because they do not cover the user from the water. Often, users are splashed on and get wet and this would not be nice for a cooler environment.

Length of the kayak

Long and narrow kayaks are faster and move in a straighter direction. Wide and shorter kayaks are more stable, easy to turn but they are slower. Recreational kayaks are long and are made for calm water like lakes and some rivers. Recreational kayaks are long with the intention of moving through narrow inlets efficiently. Touring kayaks are relatively longer than recreational kayaks.  Touring kayaks are built to handle large waves and bigger water masses.

Type of the hull

Hulls make a difference in performance and stability.  Stability is in two forms; primary and secondary. Primary stability is the stability when you are going into the kayak, and the secondary is the stability when you are paddling through.  There are different types of hulls:

  • Flat hull gives great primary stability and is ideal for recreational activities in flat water bodies
  • Rounded hull is designed to increase speed and travel easier as compared to the flat hull. Rounded hull offers more secondary stability.
  • V-shaped hull is designed to better cut through the water and helps a kayak to go in a straight line. They offer better secondary stability making them suitable for recreational activities, touring and long distance.


The capacity of every kayak varies according to a paddler’s body weight and other items on board like a cooler etc.

Buying a kayak is pretty big and you need to feel confident about your choice.  When you can identify how you will be using the kayak, how often you will be using it and identifying the above factors, then buying a kayak is made simpler for you.