How to kayak

Kayaking is a popular water sport that many people enjoy. It is relatively simple for people to enjoy whenever you have the skills right.  Before deciding to kayak especially for the first time it is essential to note a few basics.
Here is a video with some tips for beginners.

Get trained to kayak

Without proper coaching, you may find yourself paddling in circles for hours without making any movement.  A lesson in kayaking will get you to save time and prevent you from capsizing. Kayaking lessons for beginners are affordable therefore price is not an excuse to not attend one.

Dress code while kayaking

The weather might be sunny but the water may be colder so dress in accordance with the water and not the weather. Falling into the water is not totally unlikely, and it is good to be prepared. Wearing a wetsuit, kayaking gloves and a caguole that is waterproof will offer more protection.  Always carry a change of clothes when going kayaking.  You may not think that you are going to get wet, but carrying a change of clothes will save you the worry.

Choose the right kayak

There are different kayaks designed to meet different purposes. Always choose a boat according to the activity you will undertake.  For beginners, sit- on- top kayaks are better because they are stable, and easy to paddle.

Ensure you wear a kayaking aid

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, always use a kayaking aid while kayaking. Kayaking aid is like life jackets, but they are designed to allow more movements around the neck and the arms. Owning your own kayaking aid is better because you will not rely on renting every time you want to kayak.

How to sit properly in a kayak

Sitting properly in a kayak will make it easier when you start paddling. It is best to sit up while kayaking and rest your feet on the foot pegs on either side of your kayak. The toes should be pointed outwards with your heels towards the center. Knees should be bent upwards and outwards to get into contact with the thigh braces.

Learn the easy ways to rescue yourself and others

Kayaking on calm and flat water may not capsize you, but it is good to be ready.  Always stay with the boat when you capsize. Your instructor may teach you the basics, and how to get back to your boat again whenever you capsize. Keep the others safety first in case of panic situations because you can always repair the damage that comes to the boat.  Avoid kayaking alone no matter how experienced you are.

By adhering to the basics of how to kayak, then you can enjoy the sport like others do. Ignorance or failure to following the basic rules might harm you or cost you your life. Be safe!