The best inflatable kayaks

The today’s inflatable kayaks have traced their origin from way back when they were just pool toys. The current inflatable kayaks are now made with material that can withstand rocks and large volumes of water.   Inflatable kayaks are designed to use limited space because you can deflate it and fit it in a bag pack making them portable. Inflatable kayaks are built differently to last you years of adventure while some may not last that long.

 The advance frame kayak AE1012-R

These kayaks are not fully inflatable. Instead, they combine a folding frame and inflatable models to improve performance and portability.  This model of inflatable kayaks provides a solution to people with limited storage space and limited budget.  Despite its relatively cheap price, this model steers handle and perform better than other kayaks. Inflating it is pretty easy and quick and easy to deflate it back to storage.  According to users, this model is stable and has impressive speed without tipping over. Many of the users were pretty impressed by the durability too especially at the bottom of the boat.  The advance frame AE1012-R can withstand bumping against rocks and volumes of water without ripping or puncturing.

Aire Lynx 2 that is luxurious and long lasting

This model of kayaks is more expensive but worth the investment.  This kayak is longer and can accommodate up to two people.  Aire Lynx 2 is faster when compared to other kayaks and are easier to maneuver.  The durability was praised by many users saying that they have used the kayak for a long while without any damage coming to the hull.  The Aire lynx can fit into a bag pack when it is deflated making it be portable. The curve shape of the hull improves the speed of this kayak and makes skimming easy. This is the best inflatable kayak because it is fast and it is less strenuous to paddle.

Sea Eagle 370 designed for two

This kayak has consistently earned more reviews daily making it very popular. This kayak can handle a maximum weight of 650 pounds even though it weighs only 32 pounds. The setup time is relatively short and its weight is light despite its material. It is made of durable material that is puncture free and can withstand the toughest water rapids. This is the best kayak for camping because it has ample storage space. The seams of the material are welded together carefully to prevent any leakage.

The best inflatable kayaks are the ones that can give durability, particularly along the bottom.  The price should also be affordable, and inflating it should be easy and fast.  The above inflatable kayaks meet the necessities making them the best inflatable kayaks in the market.