What to consider when fishing from a kayak

Kayaking is a fun sport. It has become widespread around the world with more people learning about it daily. I bet you are one of them. Today let us look at fishing from a kayak. Have you ever heard of fishing without using a spacious boat but a simple structure which you fear could collapse with you inside? Well, one thing you should realize about kayaking is that it includes wearing a life saver. No fear of sinking. Here are some tips to consider when fishing from a kayak.

Become the one-handed multitasker

What I mean by this is to learn how to use your hands to do different tasks at once. The first thing you should learn is how to use one hand to cast your lines. Of course, when you go kayaking, you don’t involve nets but a hook and line. Learn to use only one hand to cast the hook and handle a resistant catch. The second case is learning how to use one hand to paddle. Stop wondering. Using one hand will not be easy but once you get the hang of it you will be fine. With one hand, you can struggle with the fish while you steer yourself around to avoid capsizing.

Become accustomed to resistant baits

A kayak is a small structure and paddling it is not hard. When fishing, you will struggle a bit with one hand. Why then not utilize your hardcore baits which keep trying to escape. Weird as it may sound, a bait can steer your kayak relieving you the task of paddling. Apart from this, the bait movement will attract fish making your fishing trip easy. Learn how to utilize the opportunity.

Let your feet help you

Although we are talking about feet, it’s not everywhere they will apply. Your feet will act as support systems when you are fishing especially in shallow areas. You just need to stick your foot out and use it to steer and anchor your kayak until you finish fishing or one leg gets tired.

Practice safe kayaking

When you decide to fish from a kayak, safety should be your first consideration. This should not apply to fish kayaking only, but also general kayaking. Always wear a life jacket (in case of the kayak collapses) and carry first aid kits to help in case of accidents. A pair of sunglasses is also important in case the weather is sunny.