What to look for in the Best scuba masks

The first diving gear you will purchase in order to scuba diving is the scuba mask. The best scuba mask is meant to give you a wide area of vision while under water. It should also be water resistant and feel comfortable when worn. The most interesting part about being underwater is having a clear vision. Scuba diving masks are available in various price ranges with some cheap and other quite expensive. The most essential things to consider when purchasing the best scuba masks are the purpose of buying the mask and the feature available in the scuba mask. There is a huge difference between snorkel masks and scuba diving masks so do not purchase the cheaper one in place of the other one.

How to find the best scuba diving masks


The best scuba diving masks are usually made using rubber and silicone. Rubber is cheaply available though on the downside it’s not that durable. Due to this reason silicone is the most commonly used material in the making of the best scuba diving masks. Silicone material is not only soft but also flexible while at the same time it is durable. The scuba diving masks give your face a perfect seal. It is essential to have tempered glass placed on your scuba diving mask to enable it to cope with the pressure associated with diving while ascending into water.

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When purchasing a scuba diving mask the fit is the most important aspect that one needs to consider. Purchasing the most superior quality or expensive scuba diving mask is useless if it does fit perfectly on your face. This is because once you dive water will slip in causing leakage and leakage which eventually results to a lot of discomfort. To test for fit of a scuba diving mask you place it on your face directly without placing the straps in place then try breathing through the nose. If the mask suction stays in place after breathing in then that is a sign that it has a perfect fit.


Majority of the scuba diving masks are designed with one or two windows. Those masks with one window consist of a single tempered glass while those with two windows consist of two window panes designed in reverse teardrop shape. Depending on the vision one wants to have while underwater it is essential to select an ideal window option.